3D Artefacts

Cup-skyphos in Gnathia style

Measuresh 6,2; ø foot 6; ø edge 8,2
Place and chronologySalentino - Tomb. 1. Second half of the 4th century BC

A skyphos for drinking wine.
During banquets, wine was always present.
Much loved for its inebriating properties, however, it was often mixed with water inside kraters, so as to be less strong. At funeral banquets, wine, a symbol of conviviality, was drunk by the assembled family members, but also poured into pitchers and glasses in the tomb itself, so as to allow the deceased to also participate in the ceremony.
This skyphos was a very elegant glass.
The decoration, painted in white and red, represents vine shoots and seems to be an all-out invitation to drink!