Teaching Tools

Teaching Tools

The archaeological Museum Delle Fonti is not only a place where artefacts are kept and the history of Acquaviva is narrated, it is also a laboratory open to citizens and visitors, where you can touch and experiment the research and the safeguarding of our cultural patrimony and of landscape.


At the Museum, you can find multidisciplinary tours and laboratories set up for the comprehension and deep understanding and the enhancement of historical and cultural patrimony of the Acquaviva territory and the Peucetia territory in general.
The laboratories were conceived so that students from all grades could have the opportunity to approach the Museum and the artefacts in a ludic way and could have an insight to the multiplicity of aspects of the archaeological investigation and the knowledge of the territory.
Among other activities we offer:
  • Archaeological excavation simulator.
  • Meet the Peucetia people, their culture, their way of living, their religion.
  • The importance of water in populating the territory.
  • Manipulating clay. Ancient techniques for ceramic production.
  • Let’s rediscover the most ancient part of town.


At the Museum, a territorial document centre will soon be established with the aim of acquiring and producing documentation on our territory, its history and traditions and our landscape, thus creating an archive for our collective memory.
The centre is endowed with a teaching laboratory aimed at high school and university students, teachers and sector operators. It will offer training opportunities in different areas of digital documentation of the Cultural Heritage of the entire municipality territory both mobile and immobile, tangible and intangible.
Among other activities:
  • Photographic documentation.
  • Audio/video documentation.
  • 2D and 3D digital documentation.
  • 3D virtual reconstructions and animations.